View Full Version : One last time... Need a single ticket for the Wyoming game

03-01-2013, 09:20 AM
My Dad is funny. He complains about the noise level in the pit, the way the handicap parking is set up and that he gets a better seat watching at home on the TV.... but tell him you have a ticket for him to the game and he's got his wolf hat and walking came ready to go! So next year I'm going to get two pair of season tickets so he'll have the option to attend any of the games he wants to.

In the meantime.....same as before:

Trying to find a ticket for my 84-year old Dad. Doesn't matter where it is because he always manages to find a spot with the handicap folks. Two knees and one hip replacement prevent him from taking on the steps. Small budget of $20.


BTW... that usher in section D where MagicBo sits... AWESOME lady. My Dad had already been booted from two empty handicap seats before the game started so I figured I better show him where the other seat was just in case. She KNEW who we were, who we got the ticket from and went completely out of her way to help us find an empty handicap seat for my Dad! Kudos to her...

03-01-2013, 11:40 AM
Great story, MissJoJo! :yup:

I hope you find your ticket! :biggrin: