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    Sorry I missed this game but....

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    I am truly excited about our future in women's basketball. I had scheduled one of my California getaways so I missed the game. In one way I am shocked by the fact that we won by over 30 to a team with a great tradition but from what I have seen this year not that surprised either. I know this is a down year and maybe even down times for Tech but this is a school with an outstanding tradition and history so in my view a 30+ point win is a major accomplishment. I am so happy for this team. The parents of the players and of course the players should know how special and unconditional the support of women's basketball has been over the years. I feel a little hypocritical in saying this because I dropped out of the picture for a few years but it was due to personal circumstances I will not go into. Due to encouragement from Lobo friends I got back into women's basketball and would have enjoyed this season no matter what, but dang, it is a lot more fun when we are winning.

    I am especially happy for the girls on the team since they are the ones putting in all the work, we just sit back and watch. I am so happy to see their efforts rewarded. The end game for me is to know this is a great experience for the players and winning sure helps in that regard. I would love to see our attendance average exceed 10,000 and to see our team constantly ranked in the top 25. This would be a major accomplishment for any UNM team but hopefully very possible for women's basketball.

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    Looking forward to seeing them play here in Norman!

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    Cheer loud for all of us NMFANINOKC!!!!!!

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