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    Besides Ogwumike, that Rice team looked to me to be a team ready for the season to be over. Maybe they were in a state of shock after seeing that menacing Pit Crowd... but wow... their defense was non-existent. We were passing up wide open threes to make wide open mid-range shots. We were passing up wide open mid-range shots to hit wide open cutters. We had multiple options every offensive possession it seemed. It was a nice break from the intensity of the last several games... but I wouldn't count on TCU being as accommodating.

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    I enjoyed that game very much! Kinda went off on the charging call on Bryant, and the giving of a couple of baskets on fouls committed way before the shot, but otherwise the refs were OK.

    That almost looked like the early season Lobos! Nice to see Teesha get a couple of inside shots and then find her outside touch. Madi was clutch. Others had nice games as well. Rice had no answer for Jaisa, nunn! ;-)

    I too think TCU will be a much tougher opponent. That will mean something special should we beat them. Unfortunately, I'm out of town again for that one!
    Go Lobos! Go Nunn! Go Sam! Go Joe!

    If your considering getting a TESLA, please PM me! I may have a discount code.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmsutoo View Post
    I really think there was more than 3300 there. I don't think they got the count right. I know when I was being checked in there was 3 or 4 doing the checking and one of them was getting 3 or 4 checked to the others getting 1. I guess if they made a mistake it will show up in the accounting.
    I agree. The friends with whom I was sitting and I all thought it was close to a regular season attendance. But I wasn't sitting in my season seat right over the ramp (I took advantage of a closer to the floor chair back😁), so didn't have the overall view of the Pit I'm used to. But it was a really loud crowd and there were several times I thought it affected Rice. Need to do it again Thursday....only bigger and even louder!!!

    Also nice to see a bunch of the Lobo men there in support!

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    The crowd looked to be about as big as the Navy crowd, but it's hard to tell because there were a lot more people in the chairbacks than usual. Comparing regular season attendance (including all season tickets) to post-season attendance is like comparing apples to oranges.

    A better comparison would be the men's BYU game. That was a bigger crowd and I think it was just in the low 4000s.

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    A friend and I were guessing between 3500-4000. Chairbacks full, I think the westside benches not as many as usual because of general admission. A lot of those people probably took advantage and used the chairback seats.

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