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    Nailed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by junior2430 View Post
    My first team All-Conference (so far):

    G - Elijah Brown, UNM
    G - Chandler Hutchison, Boise State
    F - Brandon Clarke, SJSU
    F - Emmanuel Omogbo, CSU
    F - Tim Williams, UNM

    Player of the Year: Omogbo

    Elijah is scoring the most in conference, and carrying the team with Tim out. Tim is the only player in this conference that draws a double team almost everytime he touches the ball. That says a lot. But I'm going with Omogbo. He's the only player in the league averaging a double-double in conference play, while still being 7th in scoring.

    Defensive Player of the Year: Clarke

    This one's easy. Dude's blocking 3 shots a game. Runner ups would be Zylan Cheatham and Omogbo.
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    I'm not sure if there is a eligibility cutoff for number of conference games played, but TW played in ten and will miss seven or eight. Playing in 56% of the games ... I love the guy and would love to see him included, but I'm not sure it's a strong case. As UNMLoboFan1 said about Marshall, he was a lock for POY until 6 or 7 games ago, now it's back in play. Whose to say TW wouldn't have had a similar experience, or go nuts and also be in contention for POY? Thing is we can't know without him playing the games. I hate to say it, but I think no.

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    Marcus Marshall's shooting and assist / TO ratio are much better than EB and Oliver plays better D than Tim.

    If Oliver benefits from outside shooting, how does EB rate higher than MM ?

    Love the Lobos as much as anybody, but I think there's some hometown sentiment here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippyboi View Post
    Marcus Marshall's shooting and assist / TO ratio are much better than EB and Oliver plays better D than Tim.

    If Oliver benefits from outside shooting, how does EB rate higher than MM ?

    Love the Lobos as much as anybody, but I think there's some hometown sentiment here.
    EB has better rebounding and steal stats than Marshall, while the scoring and assists are virtually identical in terms of average.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayMarkE View Post
    I say swap out Oliver and put Tim in his place! In my opinion Oliver has had just an average season. Tim is more consistent even though he's facing a double team every night. Because of shooters like Marshall, Oliver doesn't face a lot of double teams.
    Right on the money....Oliver played himself out of the first round this year....

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    As a previous poster mentioned, conference awards are given based on Conference game performance only (or are supposed to be, people are human...)
    That being said, TW no longer appears in individual stats on MW.com as he has not participated in 75% of our games. Not sure if that will have an effect on his selection or NON selection, but i am guessing he could.
    EB is the conference's leading scorer (21+) so i think he is certainly in the mix for first team and possible POTY, but it depends on our finish. He is 6th in assists and 12th in rebounds so i say first team right now is looking good. He leads conf in scoring in ALL games AND conf games right now.

    Any guesses as to who leads Nevada in scoring in conference games only?? Marshall? errr Oliver?? err Caroline? errrrr Believe it or not its DJ FENNER at 18.4ppg. that quartet is in the top 13 scorers (4, 5, 12,13).

    Tough call but here is what i would think 1st team (TW missed too many games...):
    Elijah Brown 1 scoring/6 ast/12 rebounds/10 steals
    Gian Clavell 2 scoring/7 rebounds/2 steals
    Marcus Marshall 5 scoring/ 5 assists/10 fg %
    Jordan Caroline 13th scoring/3rd rebounds/
    Chandler Hutchinson 6th scoring/5 rebounds/5 fg%

    POTY to the league champ.

    2nd team
    Tim Williams - mw stats NA (all season is #4 scorer/#7 rebounds/#2 fg%)
    DJ Fenner - 4 scoring/2 fg%/1 3ptfg%
    Brandon Clarke 3 scoring/5 rebounds/1 fg%/8 steals/1 blocks
    Cam Oliver 12 scoring/2 rebounds/7 fg%/4 blocks
    E Omogbo 7 scoring/1 rebounds/2 fg%/7 steals/10 blocks

    Current top 4 teams represented on the first team. Had Nevada ran and hid with the league like you would expect with 4 solid starters they might have had 3.
    Jaylen Moore plays for a bottom feeding team and he is only 9th in scoring and 11th in rebounding. Smells like Honorable mention to me
    I could see Clarke making first team if SJSU finishes well, perhaps getting Caroline's spot. Oliver and Caroline also could swap teams IMO.

    but hey its all speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romero11 View Post
    Is this who you think win MWC honors or just your personal picks? I don't think there is a chance Nevada gets left out of the first team.
    Just my personal picks. If Nevada wins the regular season title, I agree, Marshall and/or Oliver will get some love.
    "I wish we played in front of a crowd at home like this." - Bobby Knight on playing in The Pit.


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