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Thread: Line-Ups?

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    Just curious, sometimes post season WNIT is a way to prepare for next year and also a way to correct things that didn't work down the stretch of the season. (basically, why we ended up in WNIT and not NCAA)

    Does coach change the line-up, rotations, etc or do we simply do same ole, same ole that didn't work in MWC play?

    Personally, I'd like to see him go to at least an 8 player rotation. I would also like to see the line-up of Jaisa, AA and Tesha along the front-line, especially, if St. Mary's is going to have a large front-line themselves. Hopefully, Jasmine and Madi will get quality PT, as each contribute in different ways.

    In the game against WY, Madi actually got quite a few more minutes than Laneah. Does coach simply start Madi to begin the game? I would like to see Emily in, to spell the starters for a few minutes, especially, if it means we can keep a larger front-line in the game together.

    There are a lot of questions that will be answered soon.

    I really hope we can play, loose, confident and with an all out effort, especially defensively. We also shoot much better when we get quality shots, so I hope we really focus on making the extra pass to get the best shots available.

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    Yea, kinda wonder about the match ups. Long, physical team that rebounds hard has been unkind to the Lobos.

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