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    What should we expect next year?

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    I am at a loss. I confess, I am disappointed that we are entering year 3 of the Bradbury era and I have no idea what to expect. It seems we only have one returning starter, and is Madi the only other with significant playing time?

    We have another highly rated recruiting class and some good xfers. I just wonder what team chemistry will be like. I think that likely but us in the backside a bit this year.

    I thought we overachieved in year one, somehow overachieved and underachieved this past year. I don't even know what to expect from us next year!

    anyone have more solid thoughts than I?
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    Until we see the "chemistry", and how the FR perform in a new environment, I think it is a big unknown.

    I think the individual pieces are there, but we will see.

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    With Jaisa, Madi, and Antonia being the only returning players with significant minutes, I predict we will be a very hard team to prepare a scouting report for in early November.

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