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    Official Visit

    First Post Banner

    No mention of the post player.

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    my guess is a feeling i had previously, if the lobos got someone from the wbblog, would be kennedy bride hopoate. i

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    Another gal from Iowa St. also a 6'4" gal that left the program her frosh year in Dec 2016 due back issues was Aliyah Konate. Notre Dame and others were recruiting her before she committed to Iowa State, but have not seen what happened to her or if she stayed in Germany to play professionally?

    Can anyone find info on her? Might be a hidden nugget if her back issues can get resolved. 6'4" and never played her frosh year due to medical reasons, so by all indications would have 4 full years of eligibility? Her back has now had 1 1/2 years to heal, wonder if she would be ready to give it another try?

    I know both the men's and women's programs have taken some "risks" on players and this one seems like it ought to be fully vetted and investigated. Might be a huge hidden gem that we can uncover and allow her to play a college career and get an American education?


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