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    Notes from workouts, July 3rd

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    This was similar to last week’s workout in that it was a lot of drills with essentially no scrimmage. Individual ball control drills, individual dribble drive drills, two and three player pick and roll, drive and pass out drills, etc.

    It was the first I saw of Bre’Aisajah and of Quincy. The team was obviously trying to confuse me (and Ken S, the only other media person there) by having them both wear the same warm-up jersey number, but we eventually figured it out. We may be slow, but not completely blind! There were actually multiple 23s, 35s, and 44s. I do predict that will be sorted out before the season starts.

    Both Bre and Q (as they seem to be anointed by the coaches) fit Mike Bradbury’s stated physical type: quick, and not afraid to go to the basket in traffic. Hard to assess shooting or ball handling skills on today’s drills, but both can run, Bre can jump, and Quincy seems to have a quick repeatable shot.

    Speaking of shooting, Jaedyn put on a very impressive shooting show as players were coming into the gym. She was one of the first to arrive, and after some easy-in stretches, with Bill Ferrara feeding her balls, she took eight shots from half way between the 3-pt arc and half court, and made 6 of 8 in quick succession. Everyone in the gym stopped to watch.

    Erica Moore was at practice, the first I had seen her in a few weeks. She was there the whole time but had limited on-court participation. It was good to see her there.

    The mood of the workout was both upbeat and fast paced. Bodies hit the floor on many screens and rebound drills, but there were lots of smiles, some music in the background, and a good bit of energetic vocals. It wasn’t at the end of the two hours, but one drill was clearly the energy peak:

    Three players started on one baseline and ran through a high speed fast break. Center player, #1, outlets from under the basket to the player #2 flying down one wing, trying to lead her out near mid court. The wing player then relays it diagonally to player #3 racing down the opposite wing, who takes two strides in for a layup.

    Meanwhile player #1 races full length of the court to be in position to grab the ball out of the net and run the same full length fast break going the other way. When they have completer the up and back, a second trio grabs the ball (still not letting it touch the ground in the line change) and repeats the process up and back.

    The intent: the ball should never touch the floor. No dribbles, no bad pass, no missed layup, no slow sprint down court to start the next fast break. They were not perfect, but the speed was very impressive.

    AT continued to work with the guards. The post drills were the same three as before, Jaisa, Nike, and Shai—however in some of the multi-player drills Bre spent a little time acting like a post.

    The “still way too early to tell” assessment: this team will likely play faster than last season, and could potentially be deeper. How well they will develop, and how the 3-pt shooting translates into games is TBD.

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    Thanks for that assessment Joe. Looking forward to some future scrimmage play where you will be able to see more individual skills and progress. At least we know the players and coaches are busy with basic skills of passing and running.

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