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    Daily Lobo: Fishbein adamant that cutting sports not the way to go

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    "Fishbein said he has no doubt Nuñez and Stokes will figure things out provided they are given the time and resources to do so, and is hopeful that no reduction in sports is the outcome when things are all said and done."
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    coach is right on all counts...maybe if UNM cuts men's soccer, the Aggies could start a program and hire coach Fishbein...
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    I think that is Lobo soccer is cut (and I think that would be a HUGE mistake), the new New Medico USL team would snatch Fish up in a heartbeat and possibly end up with a coach at a much higher level than they had anticipated. Although I also think there would be quite a few college programs and pro sniffing around South campus if that did happen. This is another reason that I think it is so asinine to cut men's soccer. We have an excellent coach with an outstanding national reputation. If the athletic department ended up in regret mode, a coach of Fish's quality doesn't grow on trees and generally would be weary of coming here with the level of support a previously cut program would have shown. The athletic department really needs to evaluate carefully because I don't think a rebuild would be quick or easy if they are wrong (which I think they would be if they cut men's soccer).

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    Cutting this hugely successful program both on and off the field that has brought great pride and great publiciity to our university would be the biggest example of cutting off your nose to spite your face I could ever think of. Just a massive overreaction to a problem that can be solved in other ways.

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