The School Year is Starting, Time to Look Forward to BB

Photo from UNM Lobo WBB

I have had a chance to see several workouts/practices, we saw a little feedback from the European trip, and the WBB media posts have provided lots of little insights. But we are still three months away, four players have yet to practice, and there has not been a single recorded game to watch. In other words, it is far too early to actually know a lot. But such things have never stopped fans from wild speculation—that’s what fans do in the off season. So I decided to compile my notes, my own speculation, and a healthy dose of the cloudy crystal ball to see what we might come up with. Here it is, in no particular order, and with absolutely no money back guarantees.

Quick observations:

This roster continues the trend towards more athleticism and speed. No one on the roster is as fast as Aisia, but top to bottom the roster is the fastest Lobo roster ever. The drills and scrimmages so far—from 3-3 to the limited 5-5 ones—have emphasized pushing the ball at every opportunity. I watched one set of drills where in 20 consecutive repetitions the offense went full court and got a decent to good shot off in under 1o seconds. This wasn’t only the first team (if such a thing is identifiable yet), but it was whoever was up next. Most the time it was two passes to the front court, swing the ball to the top of the key, over to the other side or into the middle of the lane, and a shot.

Every player I have seen has something about them to like. There are some who show the inconsistency of freshmen, but every one has the appearance of someone who can compete now or in the not too distant future. The competition for playing time will be fierce. Last season by the end of the summer four starters looked to be pretty much set— Continue reading “The School Year is Starting, Time to Look Forward to BB”

Ken Hansen: Walk-on

Isabel Gonzalez

Ken Hansen said he was a 20-20-20 man when he played for the University of New Mexico men’s basketball team from 1952-1955.

“Twenty points ahead, 20 points behind or last 20 seconds,” he laughed.

Hansen, originally from Brooklyn, was a walk-on during the days of Toby Roybal. It’s been a while since he stepped on the court, but he stays in the loop of what is going on with UNM sports through The Lobo Lair under the username Walkon. Continue reading “Ken Hansen: Walk-on”

Estevan Sandoval: Learning to coach

Isabel Gonzalez

New Mexico native Estevan Sandoval spent the last six years on the court for the University of New Mexico men’s basketball team, although he wasn’t a player. He did everything from killing mice to scouting opponents. He has been doing whatever it takes to get himself ready for his dream job, which he decided early in life. Continue reading “Estevan Sandoval: Learning to coach”

UNM Football Camp 2019: Aug. 6

The University of New Mexico football team is in the middle of preseason camp. With only a couple more weeks before the 2019 season begins, head coach Bob Davie and the Lobos have their work cut out for them.

Although camp began last Friday, the team didn’t experience wearing full pads until Tuesday. The weather was hot, but the Lobos get to relax a little on Wednesday, their first day off. New Mexico officially begins the 2019 season on August 31 by hosting Sam Houston State.

Continue reading “UNM Football Camp 2019: Aug. 6”