TLL Interview with Nike McClure

Joe Auletta

With so many new players on the WBB roster this season it was a challenge to figure out who to interview in what order. The last interview with Ahlise was an easy option: she was the only one in Albuquerque at the time. This interview with Nike was also easy—as I was watching workouts she came up, introduced herself, and started talking. I immediately thought, “This will be someone interesting (and easy) to interview!”, and I was right.
As with Bill Ferrara, I could have put the mic in front of Nike and wandered off—she would have done a fine job even if I was not there.

Her smile and personality grabs your attention, and you don’t notice how big she is until you see here rise a half inch taller than Jaisa. Or how fast she moves until you see her run sprints up and down the court—she is not Bryce Owens, but for a post she moves well. She will be a big part of the transformation of the 2017-18 Lobos into what they eventually become in 2018-19. Continue reading “TLL Interview with Nike McClure”

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