Lobo Women At the Start of MWC: Practice & Trends

Freshman Ahlise Hurst shoots against UTEP (Photo: Gary Stepic)

Is the 10-1 start supported by the numbers?

First day of 2019, day before the conference opener.  I thought it might be a good time to take a look at where the team is, and how coach-speak compares to the non-conference play performance.  Mostly I took a look at the elements Mike Bradbury has said are his focus and compared them to the past two seasons, and to the 2014-15 season that was the best season in Yvonne’s Sanchez’ period.

But before that, a few thoughts from Monday’s practice, the last one before MWC games. Continue reading “Lobo Women At the Start of MWC: Practice & Trends”

Preview: UTEP at the Pit Tonight

Joe Auletta    @Lobo2x53


2018-19 Record5-12-5
Scoring81.0 ppg64.1 ppg
Defense69.5 ppg61.4 ppg
Scoring Margin+11.5+2.7
Rebounding Margin+6.2+4.9
TO Margine+0.8-0.8
Foul Margine+0.8+5.4
# of 3 pt shots per game2620
3 pt shooting %31.0%29.5%
Returning players64
Returning starters12.5
# players > 10 min/gm88

Tonight is essentially the third out of four rivalry games this season—OK, NMSU, and now UTEP. While UTEP is currently 2-5 for the season, they have ample motivation coming into this game. Last season the Lobo went to El Paso and soundly beat a UTEP team that had high hopes for the season, 59-35. The Miners were proud of being a tough, physical team led by their senior center, Tamar Seda. Seda got her double-double with 11 & 13, but the Lobos held the rest of the team to 6 for 32 shooting. After the game UTEP coach Kevin Baker had some angry words about how the Lobos were thugs and constantly manhandled Seda (who the Miner offence was built around).

Seda (graduated) and most the players are gone now, including their second leading scorer and best 3-pt shooter, Naj Howell—who just happens to sit on the UNM bench now as a RS. Only four players return for UTEP, but the events of last season’s game will be clearly told to the team—with an appropriate UTEP spin of course. The rest of the team roster has four freshmen and four JUCO transfers. Continue reading “Preview: UTEP at the Pit Tonight”

Lobos outrun NMSU at the Pit, 83-58, behind a team effort (and Aisia’s 23 points)

Joe Auletta  @Lobo2x53

I was getting into a pattern this season: watch the game, get stressed, watch my blood pressure rise from the tip-off to the closing seconds. Auburn, Houston, Oklahoma. Not the best for my health, but great entertainment. With NMSU coming to town, and as tight as the rivalry games had been running, I was expecting more. Fifteen seconds in JUCO transfer and 6’2” post Adenike Aderinto sets a pick, rolls to the basket for an easy basket and a 2-0 NMSU lead. A minute later, same play, another easy basket and the Aggies are up 4-2. After Aisia ties it, Gia Pack hit a three to give NMSU their third lead of the game. Tension slowly starts to rise with memories of last season’s 101-93 game in Las Cruse last year.

Sixteen seconds later, Ahlise hits her first of three triples for the game. Tied. Less than a minute later, Jaisa is trailing the break, spots up at the top of the arc, and hits a three. Next possession, same result—Jaisa three pointer and Lobos are up six. Brooke salas, NMSU’s leading scorer, makes a jumper to stop the run momentarily, but for the last five minutes of the quarter the Lobos rip the Aggie defense for 15 more points making it a 24-5 run to end the quarter with a 28-12 lead. They shot 52% from the field and harassed NMSU into 3 of 16 shooting after the initial two Continue reading “Lobos outrun NMSU at the Pit, 83-58, behind a team effort (and Aisia’s 23 points)”

Preview: NMSU at UNM on Saturday

Photo by Isabel Gonzalez

Joe Auletta

2018-19 Record4-14-1
Scoring80.6 ppg70.4 ppg
Defense71.8 ppg53.2 ppg
Scoring Margin+8.8+17.2
Rebounding Margin+6.4+8.0
TO Margine+0.8+3.0
Foul Margine+1.2-1.6
# of 3 pt shots per game2618
3 pt shooting %31.1%25.3%
Returning players68
Returning starters13
# players > 10 min/gm88

Saturday’s game against NMSU will be very different from the first five games the Lobos have played. First, the opponent is a known commodity, with three starters and eight players returning from the two UNM-NMSU matches last season.

Second, NMSU is relying on defense so far, unlike most the Lobos recent opponents. They are among the NCAA leaders in fewest points allowed (53.2 ppg) and opponent shooting percentage (32%, only 28% from three-point range). The opposition may be suspect, but the 17 ppg scoring margin does make one notice regardless of the opponents.

The Aggies will be one of the most experienced teams UNM faces. Continue reading “Preview: NMSU at UNM on Saturday”

Lobos ride 39 pts from freshman Ahlise Hurst to beat Oklahoma 84-80, now 4-1. NMSU next.

Joe Auletta

The Lobos played another quality P-5 school Wednesday evening and gave the 5000+ fans a good, fast paced show. As with many of the season’s games it was close throughout, and was not settled until the last 10 seconds left of the game. Continue reading “Lobos ride 39 pts from freshman Ahlise Hurst to beat Oklahoma 84-80, now 4-1. NMSU next.”