TLL Interview with Tamika Stukes, Lobo PG 1994-98

The photos included here were all from Tamika, and very much appreciated.

When we moved to Albuquerque we acquired our WBB season tickets early on, and have had them for over 20 years now. We have enjoyed good seasons, and survived bad ones, but never really knew a lot of the history pre-Jordan Adams. With the end of the 2018-19 season I decided to try and contact some of the pre-1998 players and do a (hopefully) series of interviews about lives after their Lobo careers.

While tracking Cherise’s achievements last season it was impossible to miss how many places Tamika was mentioned in the Lobo stat lists:

–Started every game in her 4 seasons at UNM, 117 of them
1017 points for her career
–32 points in a conference game vs Wyoming (8th most)
–606 rebounds, 15th best in Lobo history
–One of only a dozen Lobos with 1000 pts and 600 rebounds–as a 5’3” PG
–6th in career 3-pt field goals (141)
–Led Lobos in assists all four seasons, including the 10th & 11th highest single season marks
–Third in career assists with 469
–Every steal record for game, season, and career, including 4 of the top 7 steal seasons. Her 354 career steals are almost 150 more than the second player on the list, Mandi Moore
–Six times a Lobo has had 8+ steals in a game—Tamika did it 5 of those 6 times
–Most minutes per game for a season (39.2) and a career (35.2)
–WAC All Defensive Team three years in a row, only Lobo to do so Continue reading “TLL Interview with Tamika Stukes, Lobo PG 1994-98”

TLL Interview With Lobo WBB Coach Mike Bradbury

Joe Auletta

Joe: The season is over, but from all the signs around here—and from things you said last April, it hasn’t slowed down for the staff. Thanks for taking a few minutes to do an interview before things get busy again.  I assume a lot of that is recruits before the late signing period?

Coach Bradbury:  A little bit of that, but mostly it’s dealing with our team. You’ve got to decompress. You’ve got to figure out who’s coming and who’s going. It’s a lot more hectic than you think.

Joe: Last summer you said that things calm down when kids come back in August and you got into a routine.  What keeps you so busy during the next four months until August?

We’re taking care of in house things for now. That will go on until later this month, and then we go out recruiting looking for young kids. That’s towards the end of the month and then we will probably have visits by
people in April and May–people like transfers who want to see if they fit with your kids. We also have a recruiting weekend in May that we have to go out. May’s not bad other than some visits. Continue reading “TLL Interview With Lobo WBB Coach Mike Bradbury”

WBB: A brief (and too early) look at next year’s MWC

Jonathan Lee
@String Music

The 2019 MWC season is officially over now. A lot could change between now and next year with unexpected players leaving and so many more transfers available in the spring. But based on current projected returning players, I would not be surprised if there is a lot of significant change in the standings. The bottom teams look to be stronger and some of the top teams may be rebuilding. Here, briefly and without much in-depth analysis, is my much-too-early projection for next year. Continue reading “WBB: A brief (and too early) look at next year’s MWC”

April Is The Cruelest Month

“April is the cruelest month”. The opening line to The Wasteland by T. S. Eliot.

I had to read and analyze The Wasteland as a senior in high school. It took the better part of a semester to write my report, and in all that time I never realized Eliot was talking about basketball. Or if he wasn’t, he should have been. It fits my mood every April since I became hooked on the Lady Lobos.

The most obvious parallel is the end of the season. Each April, after 30 games—plus or minus a few—a season comes to an end. I pick up my season ticket envelope, turn it upside down, shake it….but no more narrow cardboard pieces fall out. I have punched the last colored circle out of the last parking pass. I shudder a little, knowing it will be almost Continue reading “April Is The Cruelest Month”