Preview: Auburn at UNM, 2nd Round of WNIT

Joe Auletta

(Stats are from 2017-18) UNM Auburn
2017-18 Record 1-0 2-0

Auburn returns only six players from last season’s 14-15 team, but all six started at least 12 games, and they represent the top three scores from last season (and 80% of last year’s offence) as well as three of the top four rebounders (and 60% of the total rebounds). The also add an experienced Junior transfer from Duke. This is the kind of mix that can lead to significant improvement from one season to the next. Continue reading “Preview: Auburn at UNM, 2nd Round of WNIT”

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Four Things I Think I Learned Last Night

Joe Auletta

1.  This is not the kind of Lobo style we are used to. Yes, the 2017-18 team played fast and scored a lot of points, but the fast play was mostly on offense, and largely revolved around Tesha and Alex shooting a lot of threes.  This team seriously doesn’t have anyone who has stepped up to be that deadly three point threat (though there are some possibilities), and they have upped the defensive tempo as well.  Yes, the length and athletic advantage over Texas State allowed the Lobos to be successful at that, and it will be harder against other opponents (including potentially Auburn up next), but the intent to play that way from start to finish seemed evident.  And the physical traits of the team looks appropriate to doing that.  Besides, when Nike is doing a good Marvin Webster imitation (Dikembe Mutombo for you youngsters) Continue reading “Four Things I Think I Learned Last Night”

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Preview: UNM vs Texas State

Joe Auletta

UNM Texas State
2017-18 record 25-11 23-10
Result 3rd round, WNIT 1st round, WNIT
Scoring 80.4 ppg 70.4 ppg
Defense 70.7 ppg 58.2 ppg
Scoring Margin +9.7 +12.2
Rebounding Margin -1.1 -2.4
TO Margine +4.2 +2.4
Foul Margine +2.7 +.2
# of 3 pt shots per game 25 26
3 pt shooting % 34.2% 35.6%
Returning players 6 7
Returning starters 1 2
# players > 10 min/gm 9 7

Let’s see if this sounds familiar: the team wins 20+ games and makes it into the WNIT, led by a senior point guard who did everything: score, rebound, and lead the team in assists & steals. They are a bit undersized, starting one post player and four guards. They make up for a rebounding deficit by keeping their turnovers low, fouling less than their opponent, hitting their free throws (74% as a team), and playing fast (60+ shots per game) with 25+ three-point attempts per game. No, not the Lobos, but their first round preseason WNIT opponent, Texas State. Continue reading “Preview: UNM vs Texas State”

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TLL Interview With Jeremy Golden, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Photos by TLL
Joe Auletta

Joe: Thanks for taking time, I know schedules are busy this year. Your title says Assistant Director Athletic Performance, what is that?

Jeremy: My role is to be the strength and conditioning coach for women’s basketball and softball. My job is basically to train them in all facets of what strength and conditioning: speed, agility, conditioning, strength, explosiveness. With women’s basketball I am with them every single day; at practice I warm them up and cool them down. I will be on the road with them as well and that entails working on the nutrition component, helping them make good eating choices, developing good habits.

I also help them recover and prepare for the next game. When the game ends my mind shifts to what we have to do to prepare for the next day. How do I help them recover and get proper food in their system? What stretching do they need? How can I help Dre (Andrea Quintana, our Athletic Trainer), in getting the team ready to go for the next game. Continue reading “TLL Interview With Jeremy Golden, Strength & Conditioning Coach”

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Preview: Lobo WBB Team Hosts Lubbock Christian in Exhibition Game

Joe Auletta

The first opportunity to see the 2018-19 Lobo women’s basketball team against a real opponent will be this Tuesday evening against Lubbock Christian University.

2017-18 Comparison UNM Lobos LCU Chaps
Record 25-11 31-2
Result 3rd Round WNIT D-2 Elite52.7 Eight
Scoring 80.4 ppg 71.1 ppg
70.7 ppg
52.7 ppg
Scoring Margin +9.7 +18.4
Rebounding Margin -1.1 +5.9
TO Margin
Foul Margin +2.7 +3.0
# of 3 pt shots per game 25 19
3 Pt shooting % 34.2% 36.5
# Returning Players 6 11
# Returning Starters 1 3
# Players playing > 10 min per game 9 8

Continue reading “Preview: Lobo WBB Team Hosts Lubbock Christian in Exhibition Game”

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TLL Interview With Callie Ferrara

Callie Ferrara, a special Lobo fan (With mom Courtney, dad Bill, and sister Maya).  Bill Ferrara

I have done a lot of interviews over the last several years—players, coaches, other people associated with the team–but I have never interviewed a fan. So for my first fan interview I decided to do a very enthusiastic and energetic one with some strong opinions. Continue reading “TLL Interview With Callie Ferrara”

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TLL Interview: Coach Steve Gomez, Lubbock Christian WBB

Coach Steve Gomez, Lubbock Christian University. Joe Auletta/The Lobo Lair

Joe Auletta

About a month ago I started looking at the Lobo’s early opponents, starting with the two exhibition games. I went to those schools’ web sites to see their rosters, their 2017-18 records, etc. When I went to the Lubbock Christian site it took very little time to be very impressed. This is not the typical D-2 exhibition game opponent by any means.

The first ten seasons Coach Steve Gomez was there, they were in the NAIA instead of the NCAA, and went to the NAIA Div 1 tournament every year, winning an average of 23+ games a season including 31 wins in 2013-14. Continue reading “TLL Interview: Coach Steve Gomez, Lubbock Christian WBB”

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Women’s basketball team announces preseason event

New Mexico women’s basketball head coach Mike Bradbury announced on Friday afternoon that his team would be hosting an “open practice” on Saturday Oct. 20. This preseason event will happen a day after the men’s team has the Cherry and Silver scrimmage. The Lobo Lair’s WBB writer Joe Auletta had the scoop on Thursday evening.

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2018-19 Mountain West Women’s Basketball Preview

Jonathan Lee

Last year the Mountain West had an unprecedented seven teams in the post-season. The top four seeds — Boise State, UNLV, Wyoming, and Fresno State — all return a roster of veterans and can be expected to contend once again.

The middle three teams — Colorado State, New Mexico, and Nevada — all experienced heavy losses to their rosters. CSU and UNM signed multiple veteran transfers, hoping to avoid the dreaded rebuilding year. Either one of them could surprise people. But, with only three experienced players, Nevada is likely to drop out of the middle tier. Continue reading “2018-19 Mountain West Women’s Basketball Preview”

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