The School Year is Starting, Time to Look Forward to BB

Photo from UNM Lobo WBB

I have had a chance to see several workouts/practices, we saw a little feedback from the European trip, and the WBB media posts have provided lots of little insights. But we are still three months away, four players have yet to practice, and there has not been a single recorded game to watch. In other words, it is far too early to actually know a lot. But such things have never stopped fans from wild speculation—that’s what fans do in the off season. So I decided to compile my notes, my own speculation, and a healthy dose of the cloudy crystal ball to see what we might come up with. Here it is, in no particular order, and with absolutely no money back guarantees.

Quick observations:

This roster continues the trend towards more athleticism and speed. No one on the roster is as fast as Aisia, but top to bottom the roster is the fastest Lobo roster ever. The drills and scrimmages so far—from 3-3 to the limited 5-5 ones—have emphasized pushing the ball at every opportunity. I watched one set of drills where in 20 consecutive repetitions the offense went full court and got a decent to good shot off in under 1o seconds. This wasn’t only the first team (if such a thing is identifiable yet), but it was whoever was up next. Most the time it was two passes to the front court, swing the ball to the top of the key, over to the other side or into the middle of the lane, and a shot.

Every player I have seen has something about them to like. There are some who show the inconsistency of freshmen, but every one has the appearance of someone who can compete now or in the not too distant future. The competition for playing time will be fierce. Last season by the end of the summer four starters looked to be pretty much set— Continue reading “The School Year is Starting, Time to Look Forward to BB”

Lady Lobos Go 2-0 with 88-52 vs Turkish Pro Team

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The Lobo women played their second European pro team in three days and this one was a more comfortable win that the first one vs a Latvian team.  The 88 points UNM scored were on a lot of fast breaks and inside baskets, but the outside shooting was also present:  the Lobos made 12 three-pointers today (giving them 25 for the two games).  With the loss of Jaisa Nunn from last season, this promises to be more the norm this year–last season the Lobos only averaged a little over seven made threes a game.

The other differences on display was the uses of speed over size.   Turkey was a tall team, with a 6’9″ and 6’6″ posts and a couple other players listed at 6’3″.  The only tall Lobo able to play now is Bride, is also Continue reading “Lady Lobos Go 2-0 with 88-52 vs Turkish Pro Team”

Lobo Women start their European trip with a win, 68-63

The Lobo 2019-2020 team got their first game experience in Rome today, against a much older team from Latvia.  The Latvians had a big front line, going 6’5″ & 6’4″, and their usual leading scorer is a guard from Wright St, Mike Bradbury’s previous school.

Freshman PG Corina Carter had a big first half for the Lobos, both scoring and running the offense.  She scored on three point shots, and numerous drives into the paint for 10 foot jump shots.  The lead at half was 34-26, and the Lobos were outscored by Riga 34-37 in the second half to win by five. Continue reading “Lobo Women start their European trip with a win, 68-63”

TLL Interview with Corina & Autumn

Photo by The Lobo Lair
Joe Auletta

One of the most challenging parts of the early summer basketball practices is learning the new players: getting a sense of how they play, who they are, and how they might fit into the upcoming season. I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes with two of this season’s incoming freshmen prior to the team’s trip to Europe.

Photo by The Lobo Lair

There is still a lot of adjustment, acclimation, and melding before the real season starts, but even watching a few early practices some things are apparent. They both are rather different than what we have seen on the Lobo roster for a while.

Corina is a point guard. Not a hybrid guard, not a talented basketball player who was transitioned to play the point, but a player who looks like she has been a point guard for many years. When she is running drills or pushing the ball up court in a scrimmage you feel that the ball should be in her hands—and Continue reading “TLL Interview with Corina & Autumn”

MBB Update: Middle of summer

Isabel Gonzalez

News are a little slow in the middle of summer. But while you count down the days until the fall season begins again, here is a bit of a recap on everything that has been happening with the University of  New Mexico men’s basketball team.

Legends Classic
The announced schedule has the New Mexico Lobos playing the Auburn Tigers during the championship round on Nov. 25. The full schedule for the Legends Classic can be found here. The Tigers will be an exciting opponent for New Mexico, as head coach Bruce Pearl led the team to the first Final Four in school history during the 2018-2019 season with a 30-10 record. Continue reading “MBB Update: Middle of summer”