New Mexico ends season after first round of WNIT

Senior Jaisa Nunn got a double-double of 26 points and 12 rebounds during her last game as a Lobo. Isabel Gonzalez/The Lobo Lair
Isabel Gonzalez

Denver’s pace took the Lobos by surprised. The time it took for them to adjust, combined with offensive struggles and a sprinkle of defensive errors, turned into an 83-75 loss in the first round of the WNIT on Thursday night.

“It was really fast. The first two minutes I was trying to catch my breath because they just kept going,” said New Mexico senior Jaisa Nunn. “They are a really good offensive team and it showed.” Continue reading “New Mexico ends season after first round of WNIT”

2019 WNIT: Lobos Host Denver Tonight, 7 PM

Thirty games into an exciting season, and tonight the team is on the verge of the end—win and play another game, lose and they start looking towards next season. And at this point in time, no one wants the season to end.

The Lobos have played at a high tempo all season, scoring 75 a game, outscoring their opponents by 12 a game. Tonight they face an opponent who plays at an even higher rate—Denver has a top-10 offence, scoring over 80 ppg. No matter how the game turns out, there will be a lot of points scored—the key for a Lobo win will be defense.

Unless the Lobos find a way to play some effective defense, those points Continue reading “2019 WNIT: Lobos Host Denver Tonight, 7 PM”

WBB Mountain West Tournament: Day 3

Watching the two semi-final games with the Lobos not playing was certainly not my preference.  I would have much preferred seeing if UNM could beat Wyoming a third time, but since that was not to be, I sat there with a more objective view of the two games.  I had no reason to root for or against any of them–while I would like to see Joe Legerski, a class act, win a tournament with Wyoming, I also appreciate Candice White as she ends her Fresno career, the effort SDSU has been playing with, and the quality of Boise’s play.  I sat there thinking that any would be an acceptable champion.  I would likely have felt different if UNLV were still alive–objectivity in journalism can only go so far.

The 1st semi-final:  #1 Boise St 89, #4 Fresno St 77.

Both teams started off at a very fast pace, scoring almost at will.  Fresno, which usually plays Continue reading “WBB Mountain West Tournament: Day 3”

New Mexico goes home early after SDSU pulls upset

Joe Auletta

Lots of good things torpedoed by a couple wretched ones.

The University of New Mexico women’s basketball team, the #2 seed in the Mountain West Tournament, couldn’t hold on to a double-digit lead and ended the night falling 70-61 to the #7 San Diego State Aztecs in overtime.

Photo By Cameron Goeldner/The Daily Lobo @Goeldfinger

The biggest question going into the game was clear—how would Jayla Everett and Jayden de la Cerda handle the ball, especially if the Aztecs pressed. There were a few passes that went a little awry—mostly high—but for the most part ball control was not a problem. The Lobos only committed 17 turnovers—not great, but not horrible. Continue reading “New Mexico goes home early after SDSU pulls upset”

WBB Mountain West Tournament: Day 2

Joe Auletta & Isabel Gonzalez
@Lobo2x53     @cisabelg

All the favorites punched their ticket to the next round except for the #2 New Mexico Lobos who found themselves falling to the #7 seed San Diego State Aztecs in overtime. This is looking like a pattern as it’s the third year in a row that the #7 seed upsets the #2.


  • #1 Boise State 72, #8 Nevada 67
  • #4 Fresno State 66, #5 UNLV 55
  • #2 New Mexico 61, #7 San Diego State 70
  • #3 Wyoming 64, #6 Utah State 41

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