Concerns for Denver...

Concerns for Denver Game?  

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3 Major ones I have:

1)  Coach mentioned that Denver plays fast and they will also.  However, coach also mentioned he will not be changing his rotation, which as of last game, was essentially down to 6 players.  Concern?  If coach insists on playing fast, but also insists and keeping a very short rotation, we have seen this movie before @FSU and in the MWCT vs. SDSU, where in each, we got badly outscored to close out the games, I think one was 28-10 the other was 29-11.  Either way, if we do both, it's a recipe for a disasterous 4th quarter.

2)  Although Aisia would jack up some early 3's, it was not often and for the most part, Aisia really actively tried to feed the ball inside to the post whether it be Jaisa or AA or even Nike.  She made a concerted effort to the get ball inside before looking for her own shot.  Last game, when Jaedyn took over pg duties and started the game, she got 3 point happy and took 20 shots, which was the most on the team by far, way more than Jaisa.  "IF" we are going to be successful, she has to be a pass first pg and try to work the ball inside, unless we get a WIDE open transition 3 or a catch and shoot wide open 3, then ok, let's pull trigger.  Otherwise, I really hope we try to get Jaisa, AA and Nike more touches.  IMO, the best part of Jaedyn's game anyway, is the dribble drive and finish at the rim.

3)  Most likely, we are not going to out-shoot Denver in a 3 point shoot-out nor should we even try that strategy.  If we attempt to play that type of game, jacking up early 3's, we will be playing right into their hands and take away the strength of our team, which is our interior post play.  We can't take our post players out of our offense.  Yes, it does take more work to get the ball inside and make quality post feeds, but at the end of the day, that is our best chance for success.

Posted : 03/20/2019 8:40 pm

When it comes to these also run tourneys, the clubs that actually wanna be there are usually the ones that advance, especially early.

Posted : 03/20/2019 9:47 pm
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Nike on their forward Nelson, who is their leading scorer and rebounder.

Ahlise(?) on Loven, their 3'pt shooter who has made 105 of them, and shoots them at about 48%

Jayla(?) on their SR PG Romanowski.


And can they defend Jaisa.  They have some height in 4 players at 6'1 or 6'2" but I don't know how good they defend.

Posted : 03/20/2019 11:04 pm
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My guess is they put White on Jaisa.  Defending them, if Hurst is on Loven, then Jaedyn will be in a mis match against bigger guards.  Asmy thoughts on the bench, like was said before, everybody says everyone shortens the bench now.  IMO still, if it ain't broke don't fix it and it was "fixed" in Fresno and Vegas against SDSU.

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Posted : 03/21/2019 10:24 am
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our only two post season games from 3, 3-29 against SDSU and 5-27 tonight vs. Denver, that's 8-56 overall or almost can't bad luck your way into that bad of shooting. 

It's also why we were one and one in two separate post season tournaments.

There are certain spots we simply do not have any front-line depth behind the starter.  One is Jaisa the other is Aisia.  Next year, we will have Corina Carter and by all accounts, will get as close to behind quality depth behind Aisia as we can possibly get and Jaedyn will have another summer to continue to get better.

Posted : 03/21/2019 8:50 pm