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Viejo Lobo

LoboLair House Rules (TOS)


It has come to my attention that LoboLair should create a governing policy for our message boards. It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of these terms and conditions.

TheLoboLair.com does NOT condone, support, or endorse any comments made by its members. Those comments are made solely by those member and those members only. Due to the size of TheLoboLair.com it is unrealistic to think we can moderate every word,picture, comment, or post made by anyone belonging to this site. If there is something offensive, please report it immediately and our staff will address it accordingly once we have located it. That does NOT mean immediately. While we strive to handle and address everything quickly, sometimes things happen at bad times and our many moderators may not address it as quick and we all might want.



1. Personal Attacks
There will be no personal attacks toward any member or staff of UNM, no matter what. If you are offended by another poster’s comments, please PM an administrator or moderator as soon as possible explaining what happened. If you respond in the same manor as they did, you are now part of the problem. If you have something against someone else, please email/PM the member. DO NOT take out personal arguments in a thread.
Posting distasteful comments, pictures, etc about UNM players, coaches or opponents will not be tolerated. This includes name calling.
Personal attacks can be categorized as (but not limited to): Racist, Bigoted, Derogatory, Sexist, Hateful or Threatening.

2. Language
Comments considered to be derogatory, disgusting, hateful or offensive are not permitted. There will be no swearing of any kind. Basically, use your head.

3. User Names
Anyone user name that contains profane words will be deleted from the message board. Note that this is not a ban, as you can re-register using a different name. Multiple active user names,however, are not allowed, and the staff reserves the right to delete or ban backup/secondary usernames. Note, if one username is banned, that does not give a member license to create a new one in order to circumvent a ban.If you are given a temporary ban, and create a new username in order to bypass the suspension, your suspension will be increased. If you continue to use a name that contains profanity or maybe harmful to children's eyes, you will be banned.... it’s as simple as that.

4. Signatures and Avatars
Avatars and signatures should not have any type of nudity or be too risqué, nor are they to contain violence. Avatars must fit in with the family-oriented nature of the community, with no profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity or suggestion of nudity. Thus, there should be no pictures, as stated above, in one's avatar or signature.Images such as stated in the above may be posted at your porn site.

You are permitted one photo per signature. Please keep the dimensions within the 400x300 pixel range and below 40k in size. Exceptions can be made if a signature is wider than 400 pixels, but much shorter than 300 pixels in height (a banner for example). Not only does this make for a sleeker, less congested forum, but it also helps visitors who are limited to 56K dialup connections.The use of quotes from other members in your signature in a derogatory or inflammatory manner is not allowed. This creates bad feelings among fellow member's, and is considered a personal attack. Politically oriented Sig and Avatars are not permitted. This tends to distract from discussions, much as a sexually explicit one would.This is a sports board.

5. Off Topic
Please keep posts where they belong. If you wish to talk about NFL teams, post it in "Pro Sports." And, of course, if you wish to talk about YOUR UNM Lobos, post it in the Basketball or Football forum! If an Admin or Mod find that you have posted an off topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate forum.

6. Private Conversation
If you talk to another member via email/IM/PM then please do not post that message. The conversation between the two of you is PRIVATE and not for the other 10,000+ people to read.

7. Quoted Text
You may not alter someone else's words and use it as quoted text. Previously, this had long been an "unwritten rule" followed by all. But it now must be added.

8. "Breaking News"
The thread title "Breaking News" is only to be used when actual, big time news is breaking. This is a rule we take very seriously. While this is an internet message board, many Lobo fans come here for their Lobo-related news. And few if any of them appreciate being "taken". There are some things we hold sacred. This is one of them.


You may not cut and paste or otherwise reproduce the entire text of, or a substantial portion of the entire text of any copyright material without the written consent of the owner of the copyright. A similar rule applies to posting video and/or music material. Members are encouraged, if they see such materials, to report it to RPS or to moderators. Moderators will delete the contents of any such material and notice will (eventually) be sent to the offending poster. Repeat offenses of this type will result in banning from the site.

You may, however, do the following.
1. You may provide a brief synopsis of the material - and you should supply a link.
2. You may describe the content in your own words – and you should supply a link.
3. You may quote from the material to illustrate any point you are making about the material, so long as this is not a subterfuge for quoting all or most of the article – and here you must supply the link.
4. You may quote from the material to illustrate any point you are making in general. As an example, to illustrate something you have written about how the Lobos are being described in certain media outlets. You must supply the link.

10. Links to Other Sites/Content
Please feel free to share valuable content and photos with other Lobo fans. If there's a commentary article or news item that you want to share with our members, then post it to encourage discussion - that's what forums are all about after all. However, please do not post links with no real intended purpose and/or don't have any "value" to Lobo fans. Don't post some random website address because you're feeling like it. Lastly, as with a post, if the website content isn't related to the Lobos, please post it in the appropriate forum.

11. Moderation
Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit or delete your thread or post without consulting you first. Moderators and Super Moderators also have the right to act without consulting an Administrator first.

12. Annoyance
Individuals who detract from the site through ongoing incivility, immaturity, and/or disrespect for the contributions and responsibilities of others may be afforded maximal opportunities to spend their time elsewhere.

13. No repetitive negative posting
Get your point out, that's fine. Going over the same thing in different posts in a short amount of time is spamming the board and those posts may be removed and the poster may be banned depending on the situation.

14. Third Party Info

Our site may contain links or advertisements to other sites whose policies may differ from ours. Visitors should consult other sites' privacy notices, as we have no control over information that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties. We have put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data security, and correctly use the information we collect online.

Everything found on The Lobo Lair is to be kept in the site and is not intended for print outside of The Lobo Lair.com. This site is an independent site and is in no way affiliated with the University of New Mexico.

15. Registration

By registering with TheLoboLair.com you are allowing TheLoboLair the rights to use the email submitted on registration at their discretion, including your name.


Posted : 08/26/2007 11:23 pm